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Cleaning Bronze and Bronze Plating

While bronze is a hard metal with a high wear resistance, it is not immune to tarnish. Cleaning bronze and bronze plating can be a laborious task when it comes to pernickety things like coin collections and detailed figurines.

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin or zinc, and can come in 3 colours: yellow bronze, red bronze and white bronze. Each colour conveys a mood, compliment and beauty that should not be lost to tarnish.

Keep your irreplaceable bronze valuables in impeccable condition with the Qwicksilver electrolytic tarnish remover.

How to Clean Bronze Effortlessly

Let Qwicksilver take the effort out of cleaning your bronze valuables. It cleans intricate and difficult to handle coin collections, ornaments and houseware quite easily without harming the bronze in any way.

Qwicksilver can even be used to clean bronze figurines and is harmless to marble and plastic bases. It will not leave dirty residue in crevices and intricate carvings.

No more filthy cloths and hands! This 100% environment friendly product is kind to your hands and items - a once-off purchase that lasts for years and years.

Museums and churches use Qwicksilver to clean their priceless coin collections and antiques, and over 4 million households worldwide make use of this clever product to clean their personal belongings.

Find out more about cleaning bronze and bronze plating easily and keeping it in good nick for years and years to come. Let the Qwicksilver do all the hard work.


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