How Qwicksilver Cleans Gold, Silver & other Precious Metals

Non-Abrasive Tarnish Removing in 8 Easy Steps:

Electrolytic cleaning plate 1. Place the Qwicksilver precious metal cleaning plate in the bottom of your sink.
Electrolytic cleaning plate 2. Put two heaped tablespoons of washing soda onto the plate.
A 200gm starter pack is provided.
Qwicksilver electrolytic cleaning plate 3. Pour in very hot water from the kettle to dissolve the soda on the plate.
Precious antique cleaner 4. Fill the sink with enough very hot tap water to cover the items to be cleaned. Put the tarnished metal items into the water either on the plate or in contact with plate.
Qwicksilver and easy electrolytic cleaning plate 5. Leave for 15 seconds to transfer the tarnish to the plate and add any other items you may wish to clean.
inexpensive cleaning solution 6. Remove the clean silver or precious metal items and rinse in sudsy water.
cleaning collectables safely 7. Dry the cleaned items with a soft cloth.
electrolytic cleaning solution 8. Rinse the tarnish off the Qwicksilver plate in sudsy water ready for use next time.

How Does The Qwicksilver Clean Gold, Silver & other Precious Metals?

When washing soda (sodium carbonate - not bicarbonate) dissolves on the Qwicksilver plate, it releases short bursts of hydrogen, effectively an electrolytic action.

These controlled bursts of hydrogen are just strong enough to draw off the soft ions of surface tarnish but far too weak to effect the hard ions of the metal being cleaned.

The process conducted by this electrolytic metal cleaning plate to clean gold, silver, bronze & your precious metals is harmless to humans and to your treasured possessions.

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