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Cleaning Silver and Silver Plating

Cleaning silver and silver plating is a frustrating and difficult task, involving a lot of elbow grease and finicky work. However, the beauty of this ageless precious metal cannot be left to discolour and tarnish.

First brought to Britain by the Romans, silver is the precious metal chosen in the manufacture of silverware and jewellery for its beautiful shimmering white metallic sheen. Items are usually made from or plated in sterling silver, which is 92.5% pure silver alloyed with copper.

The distinctive hallmarks found on solid silver items denoting their age, origin and craftsman distinguish them from silver-plated pieces. Both suffer equally from rubbing and polishing with abrasive chemical cleaners, however, which remove a layer of silver along with the tarnish with each polishing. This is how solid silver loses it markings and patina, while plated pieces eventually get stripped down to their base metal.

Fortunately, there is an answer for those who cannot permit their irreplaceable treasures to be subjected to such abrasive treatment.

How to Clean Silver Harmlessly

The Qwicksilver Electrolytic plate takes the effort out of cleaning your valuable silver items. As it is used under water it cleans intricate and delicate silverware and jewellery without harming the silver in any way - wherever water flows it cleans. Qwicksilver is safe and harmless to precious jewels set in silver or gold.

Silverware and cutlery are instantly table-ready.

Qwicksilver can even be used to clean silver musical instruments such as flutes, as it will not clog up holes with chemical residue.

No more filthy cloths and hands! This 100% environment friendly product is kind to your hands and items - a once-off purchase that lasts for years and years.

Five star hotels, museums and churches all use Qwicksilver to clean their silverware, and over 4 million households worldwide make use of this ingenious product to clean their personal belongings.

Find out more about how to clean silver easily and to keep it in impeccable condition for years to come. Let the Qwicksilver do all the hard work.


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