Electrolytic Plate
Non-abrasive electrolytic cleanig plate
Precious Metal Cleaner

Qwicksilver - Cleaning Silver, Gold, Copper, Jewellery & Quality Brass

The Safe Precious Metal Tarnish Remover

Qwicksilver is simple to use and is the only totally non-abrasive precious metal tarnish remover, cleaning silver, gold, bronze, copper, jewellery & quality brass safely and effortlessly. This is the electrolytic cleaning solution that has replaced traditionally abrasive methods that are harmful and time-consuming.

The combination of this electrolytic precious metal cleaning plate immersed in hot water with common washing soda generates short bursts of hydrogen that draw away the soft ions of tarnish, with no damage to the metal being cleaned. No matter how intricate and delicate the pieces, wherever the water flows the Qwicksilver precious metal cleaning plate draws the tarnish off onto the plate - in seconds.

Based on a 100-year-old discovery and with the addition of essential components following metallurgic research, the Qwicksilver precious metal cleaner was developed in England and patented and trademarked in countries worldwide.

Custodians of historic and priceless collections have embraced this miracle metal cleaning solution developed by Qwicksilver. For over twenty-five years it has been trusted by Museums, Royal Palaces, Churches and Cathedrals. Renowned hotel and restaurant chains use Qwicksilver's electrolytic cleaning plate to keep their vast collections of silver service tableware in five-star condition.

Significantly, over 5 million households across the world have chosen the Qwicksilver over other products for cleaning silver jewellery, gold and other prized precious metal possessions. The plate lasts indefinitely and is ready for re-use after each cleaning session by simply washing away the loose tarnish.

The result of this product's universal popularity is that we are now offering online sales of this remarkable precious metal tarnish remover through our 100% secure payment system. We deliver to all countries in numerous currencies.


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