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Clean Gold

While it is true that pure 24-karat gold does not tarnish, the vast majority of gold is alloyed with silver, copper, platinum or palladium. So the 18 karats in a gold ring signify the gold content while the other 6 karats are the precious metal alloy, which does tarnish. This is what makes it necessary to clean gold items thoroughly.

This combination of precious metals is widely used in jewellery and coins, as it is much stronger than pure gold and has a more subtle and, in many people's eyes, attractive colour than the darker 24-karat pieces.

Gold is often used in delicate and intricate work, which is difficult to keep clean and sparkling. Abrasive metal cleaners invariably leave a residue in complicated settings. Ultra-sonic machines clean with vibrations that are prone to loosen stones, especially in antique jewellery.

The Qwicksilver electrolytic plate, on the other hand, is a trusted tarnish remover used by Museums, Churches and other trustees of priceless collections, as it is completely non-abrasive and quite harmless to precious stones.

How to Clean Gold Easily

Let Qwicksilver take the effort out of cleaning your gold jewellery or valuable items. It cleans intricate and difficult to access gold jewellery, ornaments and coin collections thoroughly without damaging the gold with abrasive cleaning agents. It will also not leave dirty residue in crevices and intricate carvings.

No more filthy cloths and hands! This 100% environment friendly product is kind to your hands and gold items - it's a once-off purchase that lasts for years and years.

Museums and churches use Qwicksilver to clean their precious gold antiques, and over 4 million households worldwide make use of this invaluable product to clean their personal belongings.

Learn more about how to clean gold painlessly and keep it looking as valuable as the day you bought it. Let the Qwicksilver do all the hard work.


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