Qwicksilver Precious Metals & Jewellery Cleaning Product

Clean Silver, Gold, Brass, Copper & Jewellery

Safely, Swiftly, Easily

Qwicksilver is an electrolytic precious metal cleaning plate - the only easy yet thorough way to clean silver, gold, brass, bronze, copper and jewellery safely and swiftly. This is the precious metal tarnish remover trusted by the custodians of Museums, Royal Palaces, Churches and Cathedrals for precious metal resoration and to maintain their historic collections. Plus, Qwicksilver is used in over 4 million households worldwide.

The Qwicksilver Metal Cleaning Plate cleans under water, removing tarnish from the pieces placed on it. Used in your sink, there is no mess or fuss, just the draining away of the water after each cleaning session. Its effectiveness as a precious metal cleaner has been proved over the last 25 years and it originates from a method used widely for over a century.

The Qwicksilver has many unbeatable advantages:

  • There are no harmful chemicals involved that leave lingering smells - cutlery and serving dishes are instantly table ready.
  • It is 100% environment friendly to you, your kitchen and your treasured possessions.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • No more dirt-ingrained hands and filthy cloths.
  • Qwicksilver is scrupulously thorough, cleaning silver jewellery, and gold too, into the smallest crevices.
  • Its museum quality care ensures it will do no damage to precious jewels and delicate filigree work.

Moreover, the Qwicksilver Electrolytic Precious Metal Cleaning Plate is a one time investment, lasting a lifetime under normal domestic use.

Please continue on to learn more about how this versatile product cleans silver, gold, brass, copper & jewellery, how to use it and how you can get one!


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